Fact sheet for foreign families

Our School

We are a friendly and energetic mixed primary school where everyone is welcome and accepted. Our school is located in a beautiful semi-urban area set on the outskirts of Berlin. Within our work we aim To provide our pupils with the skills, competences and abilities lifelong learning requires; To teach our pupils a sense of commitment, responsibility, values and respect for others; To meet all our pupils individual learning conditions by keeping high teaching standards; To create an atmosphere that is relaxed but purposeful by forming the best possible relationship between teachers, children and parents. Our curriculum is enriched by various school projects such as an annual environmental project week, regular sports events, a cooperation with a music association, different artistic performances (e.g. English musicals) and the work in the school’s own garden with a pond and a biotope. We would love to enhance a partner school’s curriculum with the insights we are gaining from those projects and find out about project work at an international partner school. We are currently teaching 260 pupils aged 6-13. There are 12 classes from Year 1 to Year 6. Apart from the regular Year 1-class, we also offer two “Flex”-classes with mixed year groups (Year 1 and 2 in one class). From Year 1 on, our pupils are very eager learners of English as their first foreign language. Whereas in Years 1 and 2 our pupils have got one English lesson a week, they are being taught three lessons in Years 3 and 4 and five lessons in Years 5 and 6. We have got ICT facilities and there is an internet access in every classroom.

Intercultural learning

Our 15 teachers are open to new ideas and initiatives. We have been involved in international links with Sweden and the UK. Through commitment and dedication we had successfully established a six year partnership with a Swedish primary school. This link brought about lots of insight into different cultures and teaching and has led to lasting friendships, with annual visits on both sides. We are proud to have a flourishing and rewarding partnership with a Hungarian School in Toszeg. The children make pupil to pupil friends, the staff shares teaching experiences and we all find out about how children live and learn in a different environment. We also arrange exchange visits every year.

Contact information

Max-Liebermann-Ring 8
15827 Blankenfelde

Phone: +49(3379) 37 28 79
Fax: +49(3379) 37 44 16
Email: sekretariat@ingeborg-feustel-grundschule.de
Internet: http://www.ingeborg-feustel-grundschule.de/

Head teacher: Rainer Osthoff
Deputy Head: Karin Schmidt
Contact for English: Silvana Green (Head of English),


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